Romana is an enchanting restaurant in the small romantic village of Laax, situated at the foot of one of the highest and most beautiful mountain tips of the Alpine ranges. This charming village is an oasis of calmness during the winter and summer months when people swarm to this region to witness many sport events. The region around Laax is the center of winter recreational sports in Europe.

Our cozy restaurant is a harmonious spot known for its hospitality and warmth where you can enjoy in the authentic cuisine, which is a must in cold winter days. Placed in-between a pristine lake and magnificent mountains, it combines the love of nature and food. We offer a considerable number of specialities with diverse savory and sweet dishes like rösti, pizokel, raclette, veal steaks, infamous Bünderfleisch, renowned cheese plates, carrot cake, Laaxcake and various other dishes à la carte. The world-known fondue with original Swiss cheese is a must in any traditional Swiss alpine family-friendly restaurant like ours. Besides tasty dishes, we provide our customers with a rich assortment of high-quality wine to quench your thirst for flavorful beverages.

Romana’s terrace overlooks the alpine mountain tips which host extreme sport contests and recreational activities throughtout the year. Those activities, the fresh alpine air and the enjoyment will open up your appetite for the hearty traditional Romansh-Mediterranean cuisine. The brisk alpine breeze on sunny days and the picturesque scenery are impressive. You will enjoy in the rustic menu with undeniably delicious comfort food that has been perfected during Romana’s four decade-long tradition.

We are just a minute walk away from the emerald Laaxersee. Romana, snugly and spaciously decorated with an accent on comfort, makes you feel enter a world where heartwarming hospitality is still highly appreciated. Occasionally, local musicians brighten up the relaxed ambience.The love for tasty food gathers people from all corners of the world. We invite you to revel in the advantageous position in the alpine ranges, finest local dishes, warm ambient and a cordial service. This makes Romana a serene spot where guests always want to come back. The many regular customers of ours can confirm that. If you want to have a splendid evening too, we wholeheartedly invite you to visit us. We will be honored to host you.